The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Kelly Murphy


The author's use of daydreams helps show that in his actual life, Walter Mitty is boring, passive, and not important.

Firstly, Walter Mitty's life is very boring.

This dream makes him feel as though he is not boring, and that he has adventure in his life. He has to daydream to have adventure in his life.
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Secondly, Walter Mitty is very timid, and he gets pushed around a lot.

In the courtroom daydream, Walter Mitty gets up and yells. Normally, he would've been to shy to do this. Therefore, this shows that in his dreams he does things that are out of the ordinary. He also gets pushed around, and yelled at by his controlling wife a lot.
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Thirdly, Walter Mitty doesn't feel very important in his life.

When he had the dream about the hospital, he felt very important. He felt as though everyone needed him and everyone wanted his help.
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In conclusion, the author's use of daydreams helps show that in his regular life he is boring, timid, and not very important.