Michael Jordan

by Garrett Parish

Michael's youth

  • born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn NY
  • moved to Wilmington , North Carolina
  • He became known for being the best baseball player in the area
  • his dad made a basketball court for him and his siblings
  • he dunked on his brother
  • he made the varsity high school team

pic citation: 4.bp.blogspot.com


  • He scored 32,292 points during his career
  • He was chosen to be the most valuable player 5 consecutive seasons
  • He is in the Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame
  • He had 6 championships, 14 all star game appearances, 5 MVP awards, and 3 all star game MVP honers
  • He played baseball in the MLB

Interesting Facts

How Has Michael Jordan Changed The World Outside Of Sports

Charities and Organazations

Michael Jordan is active in multiple charities and other organizations. He does clinics to raise money for charities, families in need, and hospitals. Michael teamed up with the Doermbecher Childrens hospital, where Michael chooses a patient to designs there own iconic Jordan brand shoes. all the money made goes to the hospital and charities around the world.

Michael Jordans Current Life

Michael Jordan now owns many different restaurants. He is still active in many charities. Michael has a passion for gulf and often plays it. He owns the majority of the charlotte bobcats. Jordan is married to a Cuban American model that is 35 years old.