My two Awesome Field Trips

The Field trip was Povek Bakken museums

The Bakken Museum

The Bakken museum is known for electricity and magnets. We did a project on trying to find a invisible orb in a magnet. We found out that there is a invisible orb in a magnet. We also did something were five people get a magnet and they put it against the TV screen and the screen turned a different color.

The Povek museum

The Povek museum is known for broadcasting and news. At the Povek museum we did news reports I was in group two with Mitchell's mom. I was a news announcer with a lot of other people Charlie and Grace were news reporters and J.p. was the engineer. We also did a game show were we answered questions that we learned about in class. Then we played a instrument that was really cool and you did not even have to touch it.

Some Pictures

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