JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

May 18 - May 21

What's going on in class?


Everyone made it to the end!! When you receive this newsletter you will be officially done with 6th grade and ready for summer. I know this year did not end the way any of us expected or wanted and this last couple of months have been difficult, but you all made it through. I want all of you to know how much I enjoyed having you in class and how much you all will be missed next year. Come down and visit next year!

Have a great summer!

Mr. Schinstock

Language Arts

This week we began our new unit over The Story of Ceres and Proserpina. This is a classical mythology story and we will continue it for the remainder of the year. Next week we will be focusing on vocabulary terms from the story as well as cause and effect.

Please check your student's grades on Skyward. We currently have 3 daily work grades and 1 assessment grade in the grade book. Everything that has been turned in at this time is graded and recorded. I will be adding the iReady grade from Friday (May 8) in the grade book on Monday morning.

If you have any questions please reach out via email: amandariley@usd475.org.

Have a great weekend!


Hey Wildcats!

By the time this newsletter goes out you will be done with sixth grade! As I type my eyes are full of tears. I will always remember this year as bittersweet. Your grade is one of my favorites ever (and I have taught for a LONG time!). I love your work ethic, your sense of humor, even your goofiness! I already miss you! I wish I could give you high fives on the way out of the pod this afternoon, and tell you how much I care about you in person. Please keep in touch, and if you EVER need anything please let me know. Make me proud of you next year in science. You are amazing!

Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Green

Social Studies

It's hard to believe but, it's the end of the year! You have reached the end of sixth grade! This year will always be one that stands out to me for a variety of reasons. Online learning is not something any of us expected at the beginning of the year. However, you all persevered and we overcame this challenge together. I enjoyed having you all in my class! Anyone is always welcome to stop by my classroom and visit.

Have a fantastic summer!

Mr. Engeman

News and Recommendations from the Library

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Enrollment is open for next year!

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now open!

Enrollment Information:

Online enrollment for new and returning students is now open. If your student is currently enrolled in the district, please log into your Skyward Family Access account and choose the option for completing returning student registration for each active kiddo. If you do not know your Family Access log in information, please contact your school secretary/registrar or email kristinegates@usd475.org or rachelmoore@usd475.org.

If your student is transitioning from 5th grade into one of our middle schools, or going into the 9th grade, please be sure and choose the registration link for the school they will attend in the Fall, not the school they’re currently enrolled in.

If your child transfers into a school outside their assigned school boundaries, you will receive a transfer request form via postal mail before the end of May.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your school’s secretary/registrar or email kristinegates@usd475.org or rachelmoore@usd475.org.

The full information for enrollment can be found here: http://www.usd475.org/online-enrollment/

How to request a transfer:

We wanted to share with everyone the transfer process beginning the 20-21 school year. In the past, transfer forms were distributed by buildings and were returned to buildings for approval. This year, the Devin Center will mail transfer forms from the district office, starting at the end of May and will ask that they be returned to the Devin Center for processing.

If you are new to the district, or have a student that is not currently a transfer student, please contact the building secretary and they will notify the Devin Center who will then mail a transfer form to the family.

The full information for the transfer process may be found here: http://www.usd475.org/transfer-request/

Información de inscripción en Espanol:

La inscripción en línea para estudiantes nuevos y estudiantes que continuarán en el distrito ya está abierta. Si su estudiante está actualmente inscrito en el distrito, inicie sesión en su cuenta de Skyward Family Access y elija la opción para completar el registro de estudiante que regresa para cada niño activo. Si no conoce la información de inicio de sesión de Family Access, comuníquese con la secretaria/registradora de su escuela o envíe un correo electrónico a kristinegates@usd475.org o rachelmoore@usd475.org.

Si su estudiante está haciendo la transición del quinto grado a una de nuestras escuelas intermedias, o va al noveno grado, asegúrese de elegir el enlace de inscripción para la escuela a la que asistirán en el otoño, no la escuela en la que están inscritos actualmente.

Si su hijo se transfiere a una escuela fuera de los límites escolares asignados, recibirá un formulario de solicitud de transferencia por correo postal antes de finales de mayo.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la secretaria/registradora de su escuela o envíe un correo electrónico a kristinegates@usd475.org o rachelmoore@usd475.org.

La información completa para la inscripción se puede encontrar aquí: http://www.usd475.org/online-enrollment/

Cómo solicitar una transferencia:

Queríamos compartir con todos el proceso de transferencia que comienza para el año escolar 20-21. En el pasado, las escuelas distribuían los formularios de transferencia y luego eran devueltos a las escuelas para su aprobación. Este año, el Centro Devin enviará por correo los formularios de transferencia desde la oficina del distrito, comenzando a finales de mayo y solicitará que sean devueltos al Centro Devin para su procesamiento.

Si usted es nuevo en el distrito o tiene un estudiante que actualmente no es un estudiante transferido, comuníquese con la secretaria de la escuela y ellas le notificarán al Centro Devin, quien luego enviará un formulario de transferencia a la familia.

La información completa para el proceso de transferencia se puede encontrar aquí: http://www.usd475.org/transfer-request/

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