The Mayflower Journey

By: Jacqueline Gewert #10


Many people did not like the religious laws from England, so they decided that they would go the Netherlands to find religious freedom. When the Pilgrims, Seperatists, got to the Netherlands, they didn't like the Dutch customs, but they were able to get a settlment in the colony of Virginia. In 1620, about 100 people, men, women,and children, stepped aboard the Mayflower for the journey that lay ahead. The ship and the people on the Mayflower had to go through fierce storms, hunger, and sickness. Some people died on the ship due to many reasons. The food was horrible, so bad that it was one of the reason for sick and dying people. When the ship found land, the people on it were overjoyed. Facts show that they were in Massachusetts, not Virginia, but the people didn't know. The land they were going to live on was named Plymouth, after a city in England. Many people died during the first winter because there was nothing in Plymouth.