Get Caught Reading

A Library Literacy Initiative

About the Program

The "Get Caught Reading" literacy program is an initiative to spark interest in reading for all age groups. This makes it the perfect fit for the school environment. It was developed by the Association of American Publishers and is endorsed and supported by many celebrities and Members of Congress. The program site offers free posters to put up around your school, free videos to show students how the program works, as well as read aloud, and bi-annual newsletters for educators. The link to the website is available by clicking the "Need More Convincing" button further down on the page, or by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page.

What "Get Caught Reading" Looks Like in the School Environment

Now that you've heard a little about the program, let's get down to what this means for you in the school setting. The "Get Caught Reading" program takes only half an hour each day. It is similar to the D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) literacy program used in some schools. Half an hour each day is dedicated to stopping everything and picking up a book to read. Students will have the chance to have their picture taking of being "caught" reading and displayed somewhere in the school or school newsletters (of course, being mindful of students who are unable to have their photograph taken). Teachers wanting to create a bulletin board to display these pictures and information on the program can access posters and the official logo by visiting the "Get Caught Reading" website or emailing What's great about the program is that is can be personalized to each individual school while still following the same basic program. The website provides countless ways to adapt it to fit your needs and students.

Things To Consider

  • The Members of Congress who have posed for posters to advertise the initiative are American, which does not apply to our Canadian schools (unless you have a keen student who is interested in that). There are, however, tons of relevant and current celebrities and cartoon characters to choose from.
  • The program is also not as competition-driven as other programs such as Battle of the Books.
  • All of the newsletters are available from the past by clicking on the "Newsletter" link at the top menu of the website.

"Get Caught Reading" Links

The following link provides a search to countless "Get Caught Reading" boards on Pinterest.