Lord of the Flies

By Evan Etzler

Jacks Tribe

Jack's tribe would represent the type of government which is a Dictatorship. In a Dictatorship there in one individual leader who is in charge of everyone and asserts his power by force. In a dictatorship there is no room left for imput by anyone except the dictator. A dictatorship uses the idea that it is my way or the highway just like Jack demonstrates in Lord of the Flies. Whenever Jack says," Conch Conch we don't need the stupid conch anyways we all know who should speak." In this sentence he is asserting his power by force and talking down on ralphs form of doing things.

Ralphs Tribe

The way Ralph believes in doing things relates to a democracy because he believes in letting everyone voice their own opinions. This is what the conch represents because it is a way to let everyone get their turn to say what they want to say. In a democracy the people elect their leaders just like the kids elected Ralph as theirs and he lets them all have their say in the affairs of the community. They all wanted a chief from the start even Jack at first says," Seems we might have a chief to decide things."

My own Choice of Government

For my choice of government in my society I would choose a democracy because it is the most effective way to keep everyone happy in my opinion.

In my society the people would be the ones to elect their leader by having an election between 2 people. There wouldn't necessarily be groups that are divided up in my society it would just depend on your job and what you decided what you wanted to do just like things work in our country today. People would no be allowed to break the laws and do anything to that would harm the good of the society as long as everyone gets along fine there will be no problems. For example nobody is allowed to make a sudden decision without consulting the other people in the society for their opinions on the issue.

Related Historical Examples

One example of a country that was affected by fighting amongst themselves would be North and South Korea during the Korean War. In the Korean war the united nations including the US fought against South Korea while the Soviet Union and China fought against the North. After the war was over it is estimated that there were roughly 415,000 South Koreans killed in the war along with 1.5 million North Koreans and Chinese. It is very apparent that this fighting among people led to devastating losses for both sides not to mention the other parties who were involved. The war was also very destructive to the land of the countries mainly North Korea destroying a lot of their country includibng villages and farmland effecting their economy as well.

Russia Ukraine Conflict

The conflict began when the Ukrainian government refused to sign an agreement with the European Union back in 2013. This was not just a trade agreement but a political agreement that adhered Ukraine to certain European values and principles. The meetings in Kiev have continued but no longer as demonstrations. People have come out to support the new government, but they also want to keep it in check. These activists don’t want to delegate all power to the politicians, but want their voices heard in the discussion. Men are volunteering to enter military self-defense units.

This is a complex topic, and I will try to simplify without oversimplifying. Of course there are variations in beliefs, and Russians don’t all think the same way.

In general, though, Russian understanding is often shaped by nineteenth-century Russian historians—before Ukraine became a modern nation. These historians created a model that has Russian history beginning in Kiev. After all, many Ukrainians (except for those in the West) came under the rule of Russia over the last few centuries.

For many Russians, Kiev is in a foreign country. It’s a historical misunderstanding to have it belong to Ukraine. It’s a bizarre notion that the 1991 map shows Ukraine no longer in Russia. So to many Russians, annexing Crimea is simply repairing a historical wrong.

It’s very difficult for many Russians to disentangle their own history from Ukraine’s and acknowledge the equality and legitimacy of the Ukrainian culture alongside their own.

Many Ukrainians have adopted this Russian mentality as their own too. They want to be urban and sophisticated, learn Russian, and drop their Ukrainian accent.

There is a whole spectrum of attitudes, identities, and relationships among Ukrainians. Some are fervent nationalists, and some feel they are somehow under the wrong influences and would like to be Russians themselves. And of course there is everything in between.

As always, there is no consensus about what will happen next. The population in Crimea is mixed, with Tatars (Turkic ethnic groups), Ukrainians, and Russians all living together. It is unclear how Russia is going to handle Crimea, given the shifting demographics.

There is concern that Russia will move into eastern Ukraine (where there still exist confrontations and provocations), though Putin has said he isn’t interested. No one knows.

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