Eritrean Deserts

Orivia Erickson

The Problem

Many places in Africa have desertification problems. Desertification is the transformation of fertile land into desert. In Africa, the desert is expanding by at least three miles every year. Desertification is caused by human errors, drought, overgrazing, overfarming, deforestation, and over irrigation. Animals' habitats are destroyed, the animals that eat plants would die off, and then the whole food chain would fall apart. Humans can no longer farm because they have over-farmed their land and it is now infertile, causing a lack of food. Droughts would ensue, and conditions would get tough. Many humans and animals would end up dying.

The Solution

Because desertification has so many causes, it also has many solutions that need to go into action as soon as possible. For deforestation, we could use aforestation, which is planting more trees. If we can plant more trees and grasses, that will eliminate soil erosion and deforestation. Over-cultivation is also a big problem. Using good farming techniques such as crop rotation, will eliminate over-cultivating. Grasses and trees could also be fenced off to prevent animals from over-grazing. In many places in Africa there are droughts happening. Deforestation is a cause of that, so aforestation can reduce droughts. Along with that, terracing can make good use of the water that they do get, so the lack of water wont be as bad. Small-scale irrigation is a good way to reduce the problem of over-irrigating and drought. All of these solutions would be put into action to stop desertification immediately.

The Funding

We are planning to get this money solely from donations. We would raise awareness of these problems in Africa, and hopefully receive donations. Our hope is to help the people and animals of Africa in every way possible, so advertising to raise money would be the best idea.

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