Come To Barranquilla

is a pleasant town


Andres Javier Cucas and Ximena Bermudez


It's capital of Atlantico, with a population: 1.897.989, founded between 1627 and 1637

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What's the city like?


Barranquilla is located on the north of colombia, it's big and warm temperature, with many beaches and many nature.

It's people is nice and it's city is comfortable...


There is a river in barranquilla, called Magdalena River, which flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Our Products

Barranquilla's main productos are: rice, cotton, sorghum, sesame, yucca, corn and some fruit.

These products can do many things, such as:

Salpicon: this a drink which is elaborated with a lot of fruits, such as banana, pear, apple, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mango, etc.

Dulces Arabes

this a dessert which is prepared with flour and that be stuffed with almond, pistachios, datiles, coconut or plum.


Barranquilla Carnival

This is cultural festival more important of Colombia, where all cultural varieties and folklore of the Colombian Caribbean Coast, as well as various local events, folk music and dance are expressed.

It's held from 14th to February 17th

Festival del Dulce

This is a gastronomic event when traditional sweet fruits and typical tubers of Lent and Easter are tasted.

Important People

Mayor: Elsa Noguera

This is a person who is elected to lead the city

Governor: José Antonio Segebre

This is a person who is elected to direct the municipalities


Hotel Genova Centro:

To get there you have to go along one block, from neighborhood alfonso lopez, turn left and go straight until the corner, after turn right and go straight for Murillo Toro until the corner, after turn right and turn in next corner, and go straight until half block.


how many rooms are there??

there are a lot of rooms in the hotel.

how many swimming pools are there?

there are some swimming pools in the hotel.

how much nature is there?

there is a little bit in the hotel.

how much water is there?

there is a lot water available.

how many flowers are there?

there are some flowers in the hotel.

how much money is there?

there is a lot money in the hotel.


how much are 2 computers?

they are seven hundred three euros, fifty cents.

how much is a motorcycle?

It's seven hundred sixty-five pounds, twelve pence.

how much is a house?

It's five hundred dollars, zero cents.