Stress and Mental Illness

Mikayla Estes hr.2

Definition of Stress

The pressure or the tension exerted on a material object or the state of mental or emotional strain or tension.

Difference between good and bad stress

You can be suffering from some extreme stress, your body will eventually wear itself down. There are sometimes of stress that can actually be good for you. For example, good stress is a type of stress that we get when we feel excited about something cool, like a riding on a rollercoaster. Good stress can change quickly into bad stress. Bad stress is when you have to much on your mind or you feel way to over whelmed about something that is going on at home, at school, or even when you are around your friends.

The body's response to stress

When the body is stressed, your muscles tense up. Tension is almost a reflex reaction to stress. Headache and migraine headaches are part of a chronic muscle tension in the area of the shoulders, neck, and head.

What emotions stress may cause

Frustration, Overwhelmed, Depression, and Low self-esteem can all cause stress.

Lots of healthy stress relievers

Breathing exercises, mediation, yoga, exercises, music, get organized, get enough sleep, eat healthy, keep a journal, and try to laugh more

Unhealthy ways people try to relieve stress

Drinking, smoking, overeating, gamboling, cutting, and suicide.

Where readers can go for help

A councilor, a parent or grandparent, and therapist if needed.