Nuclear Fusion For Energy



Me and my lab partner have discovered a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. Nuclear fusion is the energy from the sun and we figured out a way to make it into a power, energy source.

What it is, how it works

The core of the sun releases tons of energy known as fusion that goes through all the layers then comes out of the surface as fusion energy. Nuclear fission is already used to power generators and other energy sources. They are both energy sources but nuclear fusion is just know being discovered how to be used as energy source while nuclear fission has. We found a ray to use solar panel like technology to store the energy and produce it to make an energy source to provide energy and power through it.


With this energy it is renewable and is not pollutant. It can easily go world wide and help make us cleaner and it could easily be more efficient. It could help us get rid polluting energy sources that are nonrenewable.


We have discovered this in North Carolina, USA and hope to make it nation wide and hopefully mass produce our energy producers off of the fusion energy and make it worldwide some day.