Sports and Family

A place where sports and family can unite


Come in and enjoy our unique foods! We now offer chicken and steak pie for a limited time. Why waste your money for fast food when you can have the best food and most appetizing food known to man. Employees get 1 free meal a day

Sports and Family Unite

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We now have a sports bar! You can watch every game whether it's football or watching people running a marathon while you work!

Family Time

Don't worry about your kids, we have playland! Let your kids play while they sit under the best babysitters around. They can meat new friends or have a playdate with old ones all for free (If you work there)
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Employee of the month and year

Employee of the month wins: A one month raise and a payed vacation up to one week

Employee of the year wins: A bugatti veyron super sport or free gas for one year

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Job Experience

With this company you can't be fired until you've worked for 1 year or you go to jail. Also this is useful job experience because we run the food game
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Sports Endorsement

We recently signed Speth Curry and Klay Thompson aka Splash Brothers to help endorse our company. For all employees that means you get 50% off all Under Armour shoes
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Free Gym Membership

Want to get buff but don't have enough time? Come and enjoy our free gym for employees. Bring up to 2 guests for only 5 hours
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