Booker T. Washington

By: Ryan and Anthony

Booker T. Washington's early life

Born a slave on April 5, 1856, Booker T. Washington's life had alot of hardships. when he was young, Booker went to work carrying sacks of grain and was beaten on occasion for not performing his job. Booker's first motivation to learn was when he when to the school house.He saw children his age sitting at desks and reading books. He wanted to do what those children were doing, but he was a slave, and it was illegal to teach slaves to read and write.

After the Civil War, Booker and his mother moved to Virginia.The family was very poor, and Booker went to work in the nearby salt furnaces instead of going to school. Booker's mother noticed his interest in learning and got him a book from which he learned the alphabet and how to read and write words. He saved up money and went to school.

Booker T. Washington Famous Speech 1895 state exposition

The 1895 cotton state exposition was held in Atlanta. Nearly 800,000 visitors attended the event. The exposition was designed to promote products and new technologies and encourage trade with Latin America.The event is best remembered for the speech "Atlanta Compromise Speech" given by Booker T. Washington on September 18, promoting racial cooperation.

Lasting impact on GA

Booker T. Washington helped thousands of African American get education and developed programs that address in needs of local farmers and also he developed Tuskegee institute