Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Are you planing to go on a vacation with you family somewhere?I think that you should go to Las Vegas. Today i will tell you some of its history, accommodations I would choose to get to Las Vegas and entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.

Intro below...

Why should you go to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a place where people flock to visit, it has many places to enjoy, today I will tell you the history of Vegas, how to get to Vegas and finally but not last a 5 star hotel I would stay at.

This is some history to the beginning.

.Las Vegas had a gambling glitch on October 1st 1910 at midnight and issued a law for gambling to be illegal

When Gambling became legal again all that money went to public education and that made a giant boom on gambling and millions of Las Vegas currency at that time were raised for public education.

Of legal gambling in Las Vegas, they employed 5,128 people on the Hover Damn Project

If you can see gambling has made Las Vegas what it is today and of gambling revenue more than 43 percent of the state general fund is fed by gambling and more than 34 percent of it is pumped into public education

Some accomadations I would have chosen to get to Las Vegas.

These are some of the accommodations I would have token in consideration of doing..

Take flight to Las Vegas on Delta one way flight 239$.

Take a rental car from Hurtz for 289$ per day rented.

Go to Bellagio 5 star hotel that is 189$ per day.

These are the accommodations that I would have chosen to have done if I was to go to Las Vegas.

Here is some entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer.. These are their costs and locations.

Jabberwockies 70$ Location Jabberwockies Theater Luxor.

Circus Acts At circus circus 0.0$ Location Circus Circus and intersection at Circus drive.

Gregory Popowich’s comedy pet theater 30$ Located at Planet Hollywood Casino, the V theater in Miracle Mile Mall.

After hearing these reasons have you thought of changing plans to go to Las Vegas in your free summer breaks?

1. These are some accomadations, some history and entertainment spots to enjoy.