Glory Road

by Coach Don Haskins


Glory Road is a true story of the legendary coach, Don Haskins. He is known as the coach that changed basketball. He went against all rules of race and sports and started his first all black team, making history. He was dedicated in making these players great and winning the 1966 NCAA tournament.


The purpose of him writing this book is show that he loved his job. He never wanted to discriminate and he didn't. His decisions changed the game and the rules, which he never followed and he didn't care. He wanted to show that no matter what race, or gender, if they want to play and they show determination, he will teach you to be great and you will be. It was never to entertain but to show his life in his eyes.

3 concepts:

A. Leadership: He lead his team to victory and never gave up on his players.

B. Determination: He was always determined to push his players and make them great and help them win.

C. Commitment: He committed his life to the team and always stood behind them 100%.