Pregnancy: Month by Month

By: Brittany Halvorson

Month One

Mom- Swollen, tender breasts, tired, and nausea

Baby- Gone from being a ball of cells called a blastocyst to an embryo the size of the point of a pen

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Month Two

Mom- Frequent urination, larger breasts, gas, and mood swings

Baby- Lengthening and straightening from the curled form previously in, face is beginning to define - nose and jaw

Size- Raspberry

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Month Three

Mom- Baby belly becomes noticeable, Uterus is the size of a baseball, cravings

Baby- Blood vessels can be seen, gender is apparent, now called a fetus

Size- Olive

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Month Four

Mom- Uterus is now the size of a cabbage, heart burn, more of an appetite, shortness of breath

Baby- Stretching, swallowing, sucking on thumb, new reflexes,

Size- Avocado

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Month Five

Mom- Belly is getting bigger, feel baby movements, stretch marks may be apparent

Baby- Growing muscles, make more movements, finger/toe nails, clenches fists, internal organs are maturing

Size- Zucchini


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Month Six

Mom- Feet, hands, and ankles become swollen, increased appetite, backache,

Baby- Gaining fat, brain development is most intense, begin to dream, lungs begin to develop

Size- Squash

*Not all mothers have the same symptoms!

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Month Seven

Mom- Breasts are heavier, nipples may begin to leak, body is warming up for labor, fatigue

Baby- Open and closes eyes, muscles and lungs continue to develop, tastebuds develop, brain is still growing

Size- Pineapple

*Mother needs more nutrition for baby!

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Month Eight

Mom- Weight gain starts to slow, repeated use of bathroom, may begin to feel stressed, ribs may begin to feel painful

Baby- Starts shifting head down, kicks are stronger, more activity, getting ready for birth

Size- Sack of flour

*If born during this month there is an excellent chance for survival!

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Month Nine!!!

Mom- Restless, tired, body aches, becoming prepared for labor

Baby- Skin is changing, hair, getting ready for birth

Size- Watermelon

*Final month.. Baby is ready!

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