Cold Sassy Tree

A national bestseller by Olive Ann Burns

What happens when your whole world is turned upside down?

Venture into a small country town with big city gossip

Come on an adventure with Will Tweedy as he finds his family in the center of the town gossip. Rucker Blakeslee, who is Will's grandfather and also the owner of the local store, went off and got married just three weeks after becoming a widower. His new wife Miss Love Simpson is not only young enough to be his daughter but is also a Yankee. How will everything go down in Cold Sassy? Join Will and his family as they deal with the gossip and drama. Will this new epidemic bring this family closer than ever or tear them apart?

“Livin’ is like pourin’ water out of a tumbler into a dang Coca-Cola bottle. If’n you skeered you cain’t do it”

-Cold Sassy Tree-

Radical Reviews

"Rich with emotion, humor, and tenderness . . . a novel about an old man growing young, a young man growing up, and the modern age coming to a small southern town."

-Washington Post Book World

"No less that brilliant" - Boston Globe

" A book about love and death both funny and deeply touching" - San Francisco Chronicle

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