Second Grade News You Can Use

January 20th-23rd, 2015

A Note from Mrs. Graham

We were so glad to meet Laura Kathryn after our field trip on Friday. The excitement of the day along with making a new friend proved to be a one of our best days so far in second grade.

During our field trip, my students were very well behaved as well as appropriately inquisitive. We had just learned about the three branches of government on Thursday. On Friday, we were able to witness the legislative branch, the state senators and representatives, as they went into session. We heard both the beginning bell and ending bell of the session. We saw their desks and learned that the Speaker of the House is like a teacher. He or she calls the Senate or House of Reps to order and she can cut off their microphones at their desks if they have spoken out of turn. We also saw where the judicial branch once heard cases as we sat in the The Supreme Court Chamber. We learned that the Tennessee Supreme Court consists of five justices and no more than two justices can come from each of the three grand divisions. We were reminded that the 3 stars on the Tennessee state flag represent the three grand divisions of Tennessee; West, Middle, and East. Finally, we were able to walk past the Governor's offices at the capitol. Governor Bill Haslem was actually there on Friday in preparation for his 2nd inauguration. He represented the executive branch of government for us on Friday. Governor Haslem actually came down the front steps as the first graders were having their picture made. He touched Mrs. Pulgarin's shoulder and shook hands with Mrs. Barnett. Sadly, we had already had our picture made and were off to the side when he descended the stairs to look over the set up for his inauguration. We just missed him!

The Tennessee State Museum was also amazing. There was so much to see, do and learn that we will need to schedule another trip in the future. We were able to learn about Frontier Life. We had presentations on the Long-Hunters, travel by canoe and covered wagon, cabin-dwelling, and clothing. Before we left, we went to see a photograph of Davy Crockett who happens to be the great, great, great, great grandfather of our bus driver that day, Chuck Madden.

Our field trip ended after we ate lunch overlooking Bicentennial Park. The capitol was behind us, the train tresses were above us and the map of Tennessee was right in front of us. We were able to travel across the state looking for places that are special to us on this grand map.


Our verse this week is from Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

The story we will read this week is from 1 Kings 21-22. It is entitled, "Naboth's Vineyard"


We will be measuring in meters and centimeters as well as comparing lengths in meters and centimeters. We use meters as our standard unit of measure.


Our reading today was focused on learning more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We read two books together. The first one was titled Martin's BIG Words. The other one was My Brother Martin. We will also read a book about Rosa Parks called Rosa.

We learned some new vocabulary while reading these books. The new words we talked about were segregation, boycott, strike, peaceful protests, marches.

Our Story from our book this week is called Signmaker's Assistant. The genre is Humorous Fiction.

Vocabulary Words: assistant, agreed, polite, failed, tearing, wisdom, cleared, trouble

High Frequency Words; are, baby, didn't, good, I'll, is, please, sound, talk, too

Phonics: Words with ar

Fluency: Phrasing: Punctuation

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of Meaning

Comprehension Skills: Text and Graphic Features, Point of View, Asking Questions

Essential Question: How are signs helpful?


Words with ar

car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark

Challenge Words: assistant, agreed, polite, failed, tearing, wisdom, cleared, trouble

The words will be on Spelling City. The link is below.

The test over these words will be on Friday.

Social Studies and Science

We are playing catch-up in both subjects this week. We will be reviewing the three branches of government and making a poster to help us remember what we have learned. We are also spending time talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks this week.

In Science, we are still learning about living things.


Mrs. Hamilton has been coming in for 30 minutes each morning to teach us cursive. We have currently learned 5 letters called the clock climbers. We have learned lower case, cursive, a, d, g, q, and today's letter was c. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Hamilton! The kids look forward to her lesson each morning and they are really learning cursive in a way they will remember all their lives. You will see in the Eagle Take Home folder our practice sheets each evening.
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