How To Create A Busniess Plan

By Cheyenne Thomas

How to get started

Every good company starts off as an idea. Now, once you get an idea that you wish to make a reality, then you must prepare/plan for bad things to happen. Because if you do not have a back-up plan, you will fail.
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Running Your Busniess

Company Summary

A company summary is a complete summary about your business. This includes Hours of Operation, Address, what you sell, workers, positions, etc. This will help you and your potential customers know what when and how your business works.


Come on, we all know that the world is not perfect, and many other people will be trying to run a busniess that is similar to yours. these people we like to call "competitors." These people will be trying to get customers as well: your potential customers. You need to be able to compete against these people and gain customers, not lose them.  
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Mission Statement

A Mission Statement is a statement about your store/busniess. it is a true statement that shows what your business is all about. For example, a mission statement could be: Our Business is all about making people happy. ( of course this one is kind of cheesy, but you get the point.) 

Market Research

Market Research is all about being the "top dog" in your area of busniess. It helps you examine all aspects of your busniess, potential customers, competition among other things. The best way to gather all this information is through surveys. The key thing with surveys is not to have them very long, have them easy to complete and have options for your survey takers. it will also help you know what your customers in your areas want or need. 
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Sales are the things that put the $ sign into CA$H. Because without sucess in sales, you will not have a business. You must be able to determine how many customers you will have, and an avarage amount that these customers will buy within a certain amount of time. This estitimate will also help to decide where to go with your business. Once you have determined this, you must be able to have sucess in sales, which involves good busniess management and pleasing the customers.   
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