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How does a blizzard form?

Blizzards form different ways but a way it can be formed when cold air is at the ground with lots of moisture and lifts then hot air rises on top of the cold air.Sometimes cold fronts are the cause that start a blizzard.What you definitely need is snow first to start the blizzard.
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Where does a blizzard form?

Blizzards form in the Great Plains of the United States in Eastern and central Canada,and in Russia.

Are there any warnings associated with a blizzard?

Yes feeling a cold front,humidity is high,and the air is moving quickly creating heavy winds.You need these three things to know a blizzard is coming.

What are blizzards?

Blizzards are a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility.

What do Blizzards mean?

A storm with widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds.
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Are there certain clouds associated with blizzards?

The clouds are Cirrostratus,Altostratus, and Nimbostratus.

Does a blizzard have different scales used to measured severity?

The new 1-to-5 rating system, somewhat similar to the scales for hurricanes and tornadoes.
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Precautions for a blizzard?

Check the forecast and check the radio or the TV. When home: Stock emergency supplies and be careful with fires and candles.Outdoors: Dress warm.Driving: Warm clothes,good running car, full tank of gas, and a storm kit.
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Beautiful 48 hr Time-Lapse of 2016 Blizzard