On the TRAIL - for Mustang Families

March 8-12 - last week of Term 3

Women's History Month and National Nutrition Month

Women’s History Month:

Elk Grove Unified is proud to recognize the contributions of women in society. The Board of Trustees and EGUSD schools recognize Women's History Month from March 1 - March 31, 2021. To learn more, visit https://womenshistorymonth.gov #WomensHistoryMonth

National Nutrition Month:

March is #NationalNutritionMonth!

EGUSD Food & Nutrition Services helps children celebrate nutrition by providing a variety of food from all food groups that children enjoy. To learn more, visit http://egusdschoolmeals.com #nutrition #health


We've got this!

Life only has one rule: Never quit. – Unknown

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein

Spring break is just a week away - we can do this! - many of us at MT

We just completed one year since the school closures due to COVID-19. None of us ever could have imagined we would be living life and doing school this way. Our hearts go out to all of those who have been so impacted by this illness and look forward with hope to brighter days ahead. There have been so many challenges throughout these times but yet so much resilience, innovation and growth as well.

This staff, the students and our families have shown just how truly amazing and strong we are and have shown how much we care for each other as a Mustang community. Mustangs are not letting this pandemic get the best of them and we are truly honored to work with and for all of you.

Thank you for everything you do students and families to partner with us for our Mustangs success!

Now, breathe before reading on...

Yet still, we continue to realize there are still many unknowns ahead.

But, we know that if we trust in each other, support each other, remain positive and keep giving it our all, we will get through this together and make it to the other side with so many successes for our Mustangs.

So, with Term 3 coming to a close, spring break just a week away, followed by term 4 with some additional uncertainties:

  • possible reopening
  • SBAC testing/AP testing
  • waiting for more details on graduation
  • and more...
let's remember to take a deep breath, take time to take care of yourself, lean on each other as needed and focus on the positives.

As hard as it is remember...

It takes the same amount of energy to worry as it does to be positive. Use your energy to think positive and positive things will happen. - Joel Osteen

Know that we can do this! We are Mustang Strong!

Have a GREAT week and push through positively. Then, have a wonderful spring break filled with some relaxation, opportunities to unplug and a chance to recharge.

Thank you for all you do!

EGUSD Community Update March 5, 2021

Updates included: revised EGUSD safety plan, sports information, reopening video for Secondary, upcoming meal delivery changes to begin 3/12/21


  • See the EGUSD weekly communications updates (also in the newsletter)

  • Family Orientation and Student Orientation - for concurrent learning

-these are being planned - in advocacy for all students and an evening live zoom for families

-most likely to occur after spring break avoiding timing with textbooks/materials distribution times

- it appears zero period will be distance learning but still being determined

- class will occur for students every day but students in person will only be in person either Tues/Thurs. OR Wed/Fri. - all other days are distance learning days for those students plus the ones who chose only distance learning

-prior to reopening there will be two days with special bell schedules to be announced when finalized

  • When will families and teachers know who is coming to school and which days?
-After spring break this should be available for staff and families to see

-School sites are still working through requests and ensuring class sizes are safe for reopening

Term 3 to Term 4 transition

Textbooks, Materials, Cap and Gown pick up, Chromebooks and more...

Term 3 Finals and Collection

The final week of the term will be normal schedules just like all other distance learning weeks.

Teachers were asked to communicate any information about finals in your classes.

Drive thru collection of textbooks and ceramics projects & Cap and Gown pickup (for those who missed it) will occur this week.

March 8, 9, 10 from 4-6pm by alphabet (first letter of last name)

*If you cannot make your assigned day, please attend another so we can get textbooks and materials ready to hand out for Term 4 right after spring break.

*Enter off Cliffcrest and Calvine only

  • March 8 A-J
  • March 9 K-R
  • March 10 S-Z

Term 4 class codes:

Teachers were asked to email students for term 4 before spring break so they know their codes again.

Term 4 Distribution

Drive thru distribution of textbooks and materials will occur the first week of term 4.

March 22, 23, 24, 25 from 3:30-6:30 by alphabet (first letter of last name)

We will send out more details prior to the last day of this term.

Spring Break - March 15-19 (between terms)

Wellness Reminders

We want everyone to be well so here are some reminders of resources available in the picture at bottom of newsletter.

And you can visit our Virtual Community Wellness Center. Students are welcome to schedule meetings with their school counselor by accessing the Counseling Website HERE.

Reach out if you need anything.

Respecting each other's safety - following the protocols

The School Office and Campus are still closed. Contact us Mon-Fri from 7:30-4 if you need to set an appointment or request assistance.

Athletes, In-person Assessments and anyone with an appointment at the office or for library curbside pickup must follow all safety protocols including but not limited to:

  • use the daily checklist and do not come to campus if any experiencing any symptoms
  • wear masks upon arrival and until exit from campus
  • social distance 6ft or more

These will still be in place even if you are vaccinated.

Click here for the MTHS Student HUB

This is your one stop shop for SO MANY great resources

What if students need a Chromebook or have an issue with a current one?

The student/family should contact the front office during work hours 7:30-4 Mon-Fri (except holidays)


Individuals will be told when and how to pick up a Chromebook on a case by case basis. It will not occur at distribution for term 4.

This week on the Trail

Monday, March 8

Textbook/Ceramics Collection & Cap and Gowns - 4-6 A-J

Tuesday, March 9

Meal Service day

Textbook/Ceramics Collection & Cap and Gowns - 4-6 K-R

Wednesday, March 10

Textbook/Ceramics Collection & Cap and Gowns - 4-6 S-Z

Finals Week - Cookie Cooking Extravaganza (see email from Craig Grivel) - 4:30 zoom

Thursday, March 11

Friday, March 12

Meal service day

Friday Fun Day - lunch activities - see emails

Honor Roll Ceremony virtual - see email from Craig Grivel for more info - CONGRATULATIONS!

End of Term 3 and heading to Spring Break! Enjoy and see you March 22nd!


  • Spring Break - March 15-19 - NO SCHOOL and OFFICE is closed
  • Term 4 begins - March 22
  • Term 4 textbook/materials distribution/pick up honor roll certificates week of March 22nd
  • March 25 - Student Senate meeting - Advocacy reps
  • March 30th - Open Mic Night virtual - watch for more details - sign up was sent in email by Craig Grivel

Senior Information - Class of 2021!

Cosumnes River College Application Info

Click on this one to find out about workshop presentations, application and orientation info and more.

Seniors see Synergy emails from Mr. Grivel and Ms. Green for vital information throughout the rest of the year

Students/Parents - College Application and Admissions Workshops & Other Fun Events: Sign up Today!

v AKA All College Application Workshop Materials (workshop dates to be determined)

Late afternoon/Saturday College Fairs: v HBCU Winter Fair Flyer / HBCU Winter Flyer #2 HBCU Virtual Winter Fair May 13; Students register here: www.ucangotocollege.org; v What’s New? - HBCU Winter Fair Details (information for students/parents)

Weekend & Weekday College Board Virtual College Fair Events: Mar 11; Students register here: https://pages.collegeboard.org/big-future-days?excmpid=mtg680-st-1-gen;

v Big Future Days Flyer (English) – registration link embedded;

v Big Future Days Flyer (Spanish) – registration link embedded

Questions? Email EGUSD District Head Counselor: nnbrown@egusd.net or send voicemail to Nicole N. Brown 916-793-2678

Graduation updates

Seniors, please look out for each other and make sure your friends are aware of the important deadlines that are coming up.

Cap and Gown Distribution

If you missed it, there is an opportunity to pick it up at the textbook collection this week (see info above)

If you haven't ordered your cap and gown yet, or secured a loaner, you should do that right away.

If you have questions about a previous order or any other questions regarding your cap and gown, please contact our Jostens’ rep directly at 916-389-0018 or pat.cummings@jostens.com.

The direct link to order a cap/gown/tassel or to order the loaner package is: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productDetail/1434504/Monterey-Trail-High-School/-/1442149569/CATALOG_REPOSITORY/Cap-and-Gown-Unit/1486506788/ The entire cap/gown/tassel package must be returned after the ceremony if you order a loaner.

One of the requirements for either a virtual graduation or an actual event (hopefully both), is that students will be in the designated cap and gown.

Emails needed for Graduation Submission

Urgent: we need Seniors to provide a current student email, that you can check often so you don't miss important notifications.

To enter your email in Synergy, parents must log in to ParentVUE

  1. select “Student Info” and click the button labeled “Edit Information.”
  2. In the field for “Student’s Email,” enter the student email address.
  3. Remember to click “Save Changes” after entering the email address.
The email needs to be an accurate, working address that the student should check frequently.

Athletics update

See the EGUSD Community Newsroom link here:

EGUSD Sports News

We are excited to get to see our students compete and will communicate when we know more details.


Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, all dates are subject to change.

MTHS College and Career News

College and Career March Newsletter

Click here to stay on track to determining your college/career options.

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