Third Grade Rocks!

Folsom ES January 19th - 22nd


  • NO school Monday the 18th Martin Luter King Jr Day
  • UIL tryout forms due January 22nd. 3rd grade is offered Spelling, Ready Writing and Storytelling.
  • Interested in the science fair? Students who were interested were encouraged to pick up an application in the library today. Please return to the office by January 29th. Want to volunteer? Please contact
  • 21 day challenge
  • Step 1: Register your elementary child for the challenge at
    Step 2: Each day create a healthy snack from either your book (will receive at school) or the healthy snack finder at
    Step 3: Track snacks using the log table you download when you register. Click here for more information


Students will continue learning about fractions on a number line but will now be able to compare to see if they are equivalent or not equivalent. This week we will also be studying our math facts of 7x0-7x10.
Multiplication tables 2 to 10 | Multiplication songs for children | elearnin



Students will be working on understanding imagery and figurative language. Students will be able to better understand a poets meaning by identifying similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeias, imagery, and other poem elements.


Students will use figurative language in their own writing pieces to help them create imagery in their own writing.


Students are reviewing long vowel teams and will have a quiz on Friday. Students can use the videos below to help them review.

Sight Words

Please remember to be working on sight word/vocabulary that is coming home. Students are expected to spell them correctly and use them in their writing.

When Two Vowels Go Walking


We are starting an new unit all about natural and man made resources!

Students will begin a new unit on Natural Resources & Conservation and how everything we have or use comes from natural resources. Students will learn the difference between Natural and Mad Made resources, why we need natural resources, how nature recycles its resources and how can we recycle.

Children's: Earth's Resources - Air, Water, Land. How to Save the Earth's Resources

Social Studies

The students will be learning about the Civil Rights Movement, Leaders, and Activists.
BrainPOP Martin Luther King, Jr.