The History Of The Periodic Table

Kiara Bower

In the late 1600 a German man named Hennig Brand was trying to made gold out of his urine. Instead of getting gold he made phosphorus but he was not sure what he had done because this was the first time anyone had ever made an element.

Antoine Lavoisier was a French man who defined a elements as a substance that could not be broken down by existing chemicals. He tryed to put a list of known elements together in non-metals and metals groups he was the first person to try and put together a table of elements.

John Dalton, Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner and Dmitri Mendeleev were helping put together the periodic table. John Dalton created the first version of the periodic table of elements, he weighted the elements and arrange the period table by weight. Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner came up with the periodic law for the chemical elements, he combined other elements together to see how they would react, he found out that elements belong to certain familys that share similar properties.

Dmitri Mendeleev created the first version of the periodic table of elements, he made the period table by the known weight of the element and by there know properties.

It is told that Dmitri Mendeleev stayed up for three days and three nights trying to work out the table, once he fell into a deep sleep he dreamed about a way to order the elements. He created the period table but not just that he was "able" to predict elements that were not yet discovered.
Solving the puzzle of the periodic table - Eric Rosado
The periodic table helps us under stand elements and there properties over many years people have tryed to understand the table and have thought of many ways of trying to remeber the elements.

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