Week of September 28th-October 2nd

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~ Shout out to Kim Wade and Leslie Berens for organizing our Fun Run kickoff at the spirit rally on Friday! Also, shout out to the first grade team for "showing" the students how it's done!! You all did an amazing job!

~ Data meetings will be taking place this week. We will go over the universal screener data and discuss our students who will be in Tier 2 and Tier 3. This will be the time when you will be able to view the video on the RtI Universal screener spreadsheet. K-4th grade will take place on Wednesday, and 5th grade is on Thursday.

~ Thank you to all of the teachers who have volunteered to walk around! I have a few more of you on the list, and we will be completing those this week. Thanks to ALL of the teachers for opening your doors to us. We are working on creating a culture where teachers feel encouraged to walk into others' rooms during the day to learn and grow. It's always fun to see new ideas and learn from each other!!

~ We cannot do call outs any longer because of the change in the law. We are still able to do the emails with the recording on them, so that has gone out reminding parents about Curriculum Night tomorrow and early release on Friday. Please communicate using your Facebook accounts, websites, and parent email groups as well.

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~ Teachers, make sure to let Laura know when you will be out for the district level PLC's and meetings. There are A LOT of dates, so personally getting with her is needed in order to ensure you have a substitute confirmed.

~ Our PTA fun run is fast approaching (October 23rd). Make sure to advertise and remind your students about the awards and about collecting donations! Shout out to Mrs. Riley for making the posters that are all around the school!

~ Our PTA Fall Festival is coming up! It will take place on October 29th from 5:30-8:00. The PTA is looking for teacher volunteers to help! You all did AMAZING last year, and they were SO appreciative! Plus, the kids LOVE seeing you all out there and helping out at the booth. It was SO fun last year, and we had a great turnout! We are hoping for the same this year! When you volunteer to help, please let me know, and you will earn:

1. 1 full week of jeans!

2. Sonic drink of your choice!

Thanks so much, we appreciate your support and you working hard to make Elkins events so successful!

~ Our first Leadership Team (CPAC) meeting will be on Thursday, October 15th. This is when Bobby and I meet with all the team leaders and specialists to go over our Campus Improvement Plan, SMART goals, and our plan for the year. If you have anything you would like your team leader to discuss, please let them know, so they can bring it to the meeting.

~ Friday afternoon, you all will have until 1:00 to go off campus to enjoy lunch out. Instead of doing the Thinking Maps training at Monday's staff meeting, we will do it on Friday. We will begin at 1:00 on Friday, and I should be able to have you out by 2:30. The Thinking Maps training will last about an hour, and then we will have about 30 minutes to discuss the vocabulary process. Please bring examples of Thinking Maps you have created and/or kids have created so far this year to the meeting to share and discuss.


~ Club sign ups will be this Thursday and Friday. The schedule is attached to this email. Please look it over, and let me know if there is a problem with your scheduled time. I tried my best to look at lunches and specials times. I did not look at recess schedules, so if it falls during your recess, you may try to switch with someone else who has a time similar to yours.

~ Between now and your sign up time, be sure you have your students pick their top 3 club choices. This will make it easier when it's their turn to sign up. When you sign them up, make sure to use the online Excel workbook. This will automatically save and update changes. When you go into see the lists, you will be able to see how many spots are left available, so if they fill up, your student will need to go to his/her next choice.

~ The first day of Clubs will be October 16th. This will mostly consist of the students:

1. Learning where to go

2. You verifying that you have all who have signed up

3. Setting norms/expectations

4. Brief description of what your club will do

~ On Club days, please have your students be ready to leave once clubs conclude at 2:30. For younger kiddos, this probably means having them pack up before they go. For older students, they can probably manage to get things together once they get back, but it's up to the specific teacher.

~ If you have a club that needs supplies, please let me know what you need. For items under $100, we can reimburse you what you spend. If it's something that can be ordered, that is preferred, obviously, but with food for cooking, etc., sometimes ordering is not an option. The majority of clubs won't need items purchased, but there are some (cooking, gardening, photography, etc.) that may need items purchased in order to successfully implement. Always try for donations first. Many stores will donate items to a school for the tax write off and only require a letter (which we can provide). Once you get your list of students (Friday of this week), asking for donations is another great way to get supplies as well. A lot of parents are VERY willing to donate, and I have heard A LOT express how they are excited about the club implementation.

Words of the Week

Words of the week for this week are:

Transform- to change in form, appearance, or structure

Enthusiasm- lively, animated, or energetic

~ We finish our PIRATE acronym this week!. Next week, we will begin having 6 words every 2 weeks, where one grade level is responsible for one word. Each grade become "experts" on that word and work to teach other grade levels. We will discuss this is in depth on Friday afternoon. You will also be receiving a Vocabulary S'more Newsletter that explains how the process works and lists out all of the words for the remainder of the year. Shout out to Tim Damico for creating this for us and sharing what Eagle Mountain does!

~ Please make sure to hang up your word in your classroom. Each teacher CAN print their word to the color printer in order to hang it up where it is visible to the classroom!

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Tuesday, September 29th: Curriculum Night (3 rotations)




(Each presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in length. The 5 minutes will allow for transition time between grade levels for parents with multiple families)

Friday, October 2nd: Early Release & Campus Staff Development (PM)

Monday, October 5th: Staff Meeting

Tuesday, October 6th: AM- Kori/Bobby off campus at presentation in the morning

Wednesday, October 7th: Kori off campus at Gomez/Gomez admin training

Thursday, October 8th: FUN RUN donations DUE

Kori off campus at training all day

Friday, October 9th: Kori off campus

Monday, October 12th: District Staff Development (NO school for students)

Tuesday, October 13th: Campus Staff Development (NO school for students)

Thursday, October 15th: CPAC meeting after school w/campus leadership team (team leaders, Janet, Courtney, Bobby, Kori, Amy B., and Ashley) @ 3:00

Friday, October 16th: Clubs begin @ 2:00

Tuesday, October 20th: ICLE Visit for 2nd and 3rd grade @ Saginaw Elem. (3rd will be 8:00-11:00) (2nd will be 12:00-300). Make sure to get with Laura to arrange subs!

Wednesday, October 21st- Kori off campus all day at LEAD meeting

Thursday, October 22nd @ 3:00- Math Vertical Team Meeting (Courtney's room)

Friday, October 23rd: Fun Run during Specials

Week of October 26th-30th: RED RIBBON WEEK

Thursday, October 29th: Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Friday, October 30th: Spirit Rally @ 1:50

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