I See You!!

Happy Halloween

September was a great month for Delta Psi! With classes starting and social calendars flying off the charts, our sisters are in for a ride of a lifetime. We are looking ahead for another awesome month!

Updates on last months events: ATGLOW raised over $14,000 for Suicide Awareness and our beautiful sister Amra Alic was selected to be ATO Sweetheart!! We are incredibly proud of all of Amra's handwork and dedication. Snaps for Amra!! Our Field Day was a wonderful time to relax and have fun with sisters while we raised money for our amazing philanthropy!

Now, for Recruitment! Drum roll please...The Delta Psi chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma is proud to say we have a class of 30 amazing new members!!!!! Our new members are excited, eager, and well they are just FABULOUS!

Now, I need your help. I would love to know what you all would like to do as an event for this year. I know we done a brunch type thing before but, I want to tried and do something different. I'll be sending out a survey for you to fill out later this week.

Alumna of the Month

Christina Padron

This months Alumna of the Month is Christina Padron. I asked her to share some of her favorite moment as a sister and what she is doing now:
"When our alumni chair asked me to write a little snippet on my favorite Phi Sig memory, I thought “just one memory!?!? Where do I even begin?” From the moment I received that phone call from our Vice Archon at the time, Kristen, telling me I was a snap bid to from my very last chapter on a Sunday night, Phi Sig has always been one huge overall amazing memory. Some of the best moments I can recall (as I am sitting on my couch, sipping tea, half asleep while typing this) are the wild, crazy and mischievous nights in the dorm doing absolutely the silliest things. I remember when I was in my sophomore year and we bought a kiddie pool and had “beach” days in the courtyard or in the middle of the night just stand in it and sing songs, wow it feels like forever ago. Another great moment was when we had our traditional “Sammy dorm wars” and somehow snuck into their foyer, spread rose petals and streamers everywhere, such great times that I still laugh about. Walmart adventures, recruitment prep, waffle house & whataburger trips, sleep overs, late night counseling sessions in the foyer, bid days, greek week and many many many more great moments I shared with my sisters. I especially treasure the moments I got my Little Sapphire Sisters! The day when my family would grow in size with new sisters was the most exciting moment you can ever wish for as a sister, no matter whatever family you are in. Sharing our ritual, family lineage, being there when they receive their lettered shirts and jersey for the first time, helping them create their very own handmade first set of letters and watching them get initiated is such a special moment in an older sisters experience that you will always treasure and remember for many years to come. So what am I up to now? such a good question, hahaha. Well, when I graduated from UWF with my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, I moved back home to Miami and attended Florida International University to take some classes I still needed to start my application process to Medical School and Physician Assistant School. I then took a Kaplan course for MCAT, sat for the MCAT and prepared my applications. Sat and waited (which feels like forever) and finally received an interview for Ross University School of Medicine, where I am currently a 3rd year medical student. Earlier this month I took my Step 1 (which our first board exam) and currently doing my clinical rotation prep in miami. I soon will find out what city and hospital my school will send me to do my clinical rotations. I can truly say that if it wasn’t for all the experiences, people and responsibilities, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Every time I make a decision or give advice to patients, it comes from experiences and memories of conversations I had with sisters. To the active sisters: cherish every moment with phi sig and no matter how small of a task you are doing, in the bigger picture, it makes the whole outcome of the chapter better. If anyone ever needs any advice on anything, I am always attached my phone (no, but seriously I am) so you can email me or fb message me!

We are all extremely proud of Christina and her accomplishments. Continue to Aim High sista!!

Other Happenings

  • Oct. 4 - Informal
  • Oct. 11 - Formal
  • Oct. 18 - Informal
  • Oct. 25 - Formal

Philanthropy Events:

  • Dress Drive - Oct 1-16th: We will collect formal wear and shoes for Escambia High School. we will have a table in the Commons from 11-1pm or you may bring them to the dorm.
  • Battle of the Bald - St. Baldrick's Foundation has asked us to participation in this competition to help raise awareness in childhood cancer. Our chair is still work with them on dates and times.
  • Phinest Pair - Oct. 24th: Who's the best big little? Find out in the Phinest Pair competition. This is open to any organization; it can be big little or best friends. They will compete in costume contest, relay race, and trivia game.
  • Rockathon - Organizations will paint wooden rocking chairs or benches for local schools. Details to come.
  • Sexy Legs - Nov. 16-20th: Who do you think has the sexiest legs? Fraternity men will compete in the Coin War all week and on Friday we participate the walk-off, talent show, and date auction. All proceeds will go towards Relay for Life.

Other Important Dates:

  • Big Little Reveal has been changed to Saturday, October 17th
  • Week of the Sphinx is now November 2-8th.

Your Alumnae Chair

Feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns, suggestions, or just to say hi. LITP!!