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Teachers Make The World Go 'Round!

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

I hope you had a great weekend. I had the opportunity to attend the final project presentations at The University of Texas for the masters students finishing the principalship program. It's always refreshing and energizing to see future school leaders present the research they've been conducting. I remember being in their seat not too long ago and I look forward to being in that seat again soon when I finish my current program at UT.

Throughout the principalship program, and the superintendency program I am currently in, there has been one constant theme that always matter how strong of a leader a school has, no matter how great the programs at the school might the end, the teacher is the only program and the thing that makes or breaks a campus. I knew this was true when I was a teacher myself, and that truth is even more evident to me now as a principal. Teachers make a school run and teachers provide the support and encouragement that students need to be successful adults later in life. I can't put into words how much I appreciate the work each of you do every day. This is the best staff, by far, that I have ever worked with and I look forward to coming to work every day because I get to work with professionals like y'all that care about the future of ALL of our students. You should be celebrated every week, but this week we take time to highlight your work and celebrate you even more than usual. I know that our PTA and community partners have some nice things planned for y'all, along with the things we will do at the campus. There is no gift or celebration that can show how much we appreciate your hard work, but I hope you enjoy the festivities this week. You are are Pillow Elementary.

Also, along with the festivities this week, feel free to dress "comfortably" and wear jeans and t-shirts on Tuesday and Wednesday too. They are filming for Marathon Kids on Wednesday, and while I don't know exactly who will be in the video, I'm encouraging staff and students to wear their Marathon Kids gear that day just in case they are in the film. Also, the library is getting closer to completion. Before the bookshelves are installed, we wanted the students and staff to have an opportunity to leave a lasting mark. So, tomorrow, we are asking teachers to bring their classes through the library entrance by the main school entrance to sign their names on the wall where the bookshelves will go. The names will end up being covered by the bookshelves, but it will be neat to have the students and staff be a part of the Pillow history with your names forever written on the walls of the new library. I'll call grade levels down tomorrow to participate. See y'all tomorrow!

-Mr. Hill

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Upcoming Events

5/2/16 - Mon

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Asian- Pacific American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

School Health Team Appreciation Week

Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Birthday Ms. Zamarron!

3:00pm - 4:00pm - CAC Meeting

5/3/16 - Tue

National Teacher Day

Happy Birthday Ms. Weber!

Happy Birthday Ms. Stone!

7:00am - 7:30am - Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

3:00pm - 4:00pm - CST Meeting

6:30pm - 8:00pm - NSCNA General Meeting

5/4/16 - Wed

Marathon Kids Filming - Wear Your T-Shirts!

National Bike To School Day

10:40am - 1:00pm - Teacher Appreciation Lunch

3:00pm - 4:00pm - Staff Meeting

6:00pm - Community Facilities Meeting - Lanier HS

5/5/16 - Thur

All Day - B. Hill Out

9:00am - 11:30am - 2nd Grade Field Trip

1:30pm - 2:30pm - Cinco de Mayo Assembly

5/6/16 - Fri

National Nurse Day

8:00am - 9:00am - Coffee W/ The Principal

9:00am - 10:30am - Building Blocks Of Orchestra Presentations

5/7/16 - Sat

Innovation Summit At McCallum HS

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