U.S Air Force

Protecting the sky's of America since 1947


Do you love jets? Do you love to fly? Do you want to be in the military? Then the Air Force is for you! In the air force you can do anything. You can be in N.A.S.A. You can fly a fighter jet or bomber. Yes there are some up's and downs like food and destroying things. But look on the bright side! You can make the world a better place. You can be in a drone which is like being in a big video game. Or you can be a Mechanic. It is a very fun and interesting job. Here's some of the responsibility's:

Be able to pull the trigger

Be able to operate a plane

Need to be focused and

Be able to drop ordinance. Some Pros are: The food, and school is free. Some cons are: Destroying things, and the low pay.

Some U.S Air Force Pictures