Friday Review

Friday, April 28, 2017

This Week

Monday, May 1- Teacher Appreciation Week; Administrative PLC 9:00 am; CTE PLC 12:00pm; Baseball vs. Softball at Home vs. Ellerbe

Tuesday, May 2- Special Olympics; 7th Grade House Meeting; Elective Team Meeting 1:00; Staff Meeting (8th Grade Snack Rotation)

Wednesday, May 3- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; Friendly Dental Van; ELA/SS Content Level Planning

Thursday, May 4- Math/Science Content Level Planning; AIG Field Trip to Golden Knights (Mr. Cain-Driving)

Friday, May 5- Last Club Meeting; 6th & 8th Grade House Meetings; Of the Year Banquet 12:00pm St. Luke's Methodist Church

Looking Ahead

Monday, May 8- Administrative PLC 9:00 am; CTE PLC 12:00pm; 6th grade Discipline "Cupcake Recess" Incentive, MTSS Meeting

Tuesday, May 9- 7th Grade House Meeting; PBIS SET Review at 10:00; Elective Team Meeting 1:00;

Wednesday, May 10- P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; ELA/SS Content Level Planning;

Thursday, May 11- Math/Science Content Level Planning, Spring Band Concert

Friday, May 12- Character Education; 6th & 8th Grade House Meetings, 1/2 Day Professional Development

Staff Appreciation Week

Next week we will shower you with gratitude during Staff Appreciation Week. Lots of surprises will be provided, but we wanted to let you know in advance that breakfast will be provided on Monday, May 1 by the PTO and lunch will be served for the staff Wednesday, May 3. We are thankful for you all!

General Reminders

  • There has been an administrative change in responsibilities. Ms. Brayboy will now serve as the administrator over 6th grade and Mr. Dunham will serve as the 8th grade administrator. Mr. Dunham will remain the 7th grade administrator.
  • If you are interested in participating in SCS Curriculum Week, please see or email Mr. Smith. Curriculum week will be held June 26-30. The purpose of Curriculum Week is to work on pacing guides and benchmarks for the following year. Teachers are needed in all subjects.

  • Our PBIS SET Review by Central Office will be held on Tuesday, May 9 at 10:00. Please make sure that students know the PBIS matrix (R.O.A.R.) and that your emergency flip chart and fire escape maps are posted.

  • Teachers please check your boxes daily. We are trying to cut down on interruptions during class time. For this reason the front office will be placing your messages in your box.