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Words Matter

The Power of Words

"When I read great literature, great drama, speeches, or sermons, I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language."
—James Earl Jones

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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Ginger Spiller. I am delighted to be a part of the Region 9 Education Service Center’s family. Knowing the value and importance of words coupled with my love for teaching has enabled me to journey through thirty-plus years of classroom experiences. I have loved each minute of every year, from working with sixth-grade students with dyslexia to teaching seniors Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. My goal in working at the service center is to build a relationship with you and to be accessible to you. Please reach out to me by phone 940.322.6928 or by email I would love to have a discussion about literature or life. I look forward to exploring interesting topics.

TEA ELAR Updates

Released Readiness Standards

New TEA Releases as of 9/27

Visit the above link to see the new TEA releases as of 9/27.

* 2022 Readiness and Supporting Standards

* 2022 Reading Test Blueprint

* 2022 Test Design Schematic

* April 2021 Expository Writing Scoring Guide

* April 2021 Persuasive Writing Scoring Guide

* April/May 2021 Released Test Items

In my opinion this is the premiere "go to" electronic source for research papers! Use it! Your students will thank you!

Must haves for your class room!

Students can use a paper like this to remind themselves what is and is not acceptable in an academic paper.

This can be modified for any form of writing. Fit it to meet your own classroom needs.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge- Article and Lesson Help

  1. Recall
  2. Knowledge application
  3. Strategic thinking
  4. Extended thinking


  • "There’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."—Scott Adams

The Power of Words

What makes a poem ... a poem? - Melissa Kovacs
How literature can help us develop empathy | Beth Ann Fennelly | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

A Writing Contest Opportunity for Your Students


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Ginger Spiller

English Language Arts Reading Specialist

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