MakerLab News: Make Your Own Pins!

Come try out our Button Making Machine

The MakerLab has a Button Machine!

So quick and easy--you can design your own button pins or magnets and make them in minutes! First TWO ARE FREE--after that, 10 for $1

Come to the MakerLab and we can show you how it's done!


  1. Draw or design your button by creating a Google Drawing or tracing a template.
  2. Cut out your graphic.
  3. Stack the shell, the graphic, and the mylar into the machine, and the pin back or magnet back on the other side.
  4. Press hard...
  5. Pop out your button!

First TWO buttons are FREE! If you want to make more than that, pay us $1 for 10 buttons!!

How To Make a Button - Making Pinback Buttons Tutorial by ABM