iOS 9 -

What Is That? Should I Update? How Do I Update?

What Is iOS 9?

iOS is the Operating System that runs on an iPad. You can usually tell which iOS is operating by looking at the interface or home screen on an iPad or iPhone. Most devices in the district are currently using iOS 8.

District users (except student devices) are allowed to perform their own updates (see directions below). However, it is important that users understand that it will change the "look" of the interface and tasks may change...usually for the better!

Know Your Apple ID and Password

You will need your Apple ID (district email address) and your password in order to go through the whole process. Be sure that you have this information handy BEFORE you get started!

How do I update?

  1. Plug the iPad into power source and make sure you are in a WiFi connected area
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap General (on left)
  4. Tap Software Update (on right)
  5. Tap Download and Install

It may take several minutes for the iPad to update and reboot. Once it restarts, proceed with updating all of your apps! Apple has released several incremental updates to fix bugs and add improvements. Please be sure to do these smaller updates as well. As of December 8, 2015 the latest update is 9.2

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Update Apps

Update your apps to ensure compatibility with iOS 9:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Tap Updates (bottom right)
  3. Tap to Update apps individually or Tap Update All
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Will you lose anything when you update?

There will more than likely be bugs and glitches that will need to be worked out, but we recommend doing an iCloud BackUp to make sure you have a "copy" of everything on your iPad stored in the cloud.

Charge Your iPad

You will need to have a minimum of 50% when installing the software, if not plugged into a power source. If you know you won’t have a power source readily available at the time of the update, you will need to make sure that the device is charged and ready before installing iOS 9.

Internet Connection Required

You will need to be connected to the Internet (Wi-FI) in order to update your apps or the iOS. Your iPad should automatically be connected to the APPLE network.

Clean Up Your Apps and Make Sure You Have Enough Space

This would be a good time to delete any apps you know you will not use. The backup of your iPad (under 5GB for free space) and the update itself will take take up some storage space and you will need to make sure you have sufficient space. Those without several GB’s of free storage will not be able to download.

How do I back up my iPad before the update?

We recommend you update all of your apps (see directions below), then do the iCloud Backup. Click the link below for the resource on how to back up an iPad.

iCloud Backup Resource

Which devices are compatible with iOS9?

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For Assistance

See your Instructional Technology Facilitator or contact the Technology Help Desk at 444.2306.