Grade 3/4 Dinner Talk

Math and Awesomeness

Today we talked about 2-D shapes and their qualities. We talked about why squares are squares . They have four equal sides and two sets of parallel lines (two lines that never meet). We also talked about rectangles, hexagons, triangles, and rhombuses (they look like the roof of a house.)

We also talked about symmetry, the idea that if you cut or fold something in half each side will be exactly the same. We developed a theory that a shapes sides would determine how many lines of symmetry it has. A square and rectangle have four sides and four lines of symmetry. Hexagons have six sides and six lines of symmetry. All was going well with our theory until we got to the rhombus. A trapezoid has four sides but only one line of symmetry. We are going to talk about how we could change our theory tomorrow.

We worked hard at getting another paragraph done about early settlers and medieval times today. These paragraphs are hard work and we are working towards having them all done by Friday. Encourage your student to remember to add punctuation (periods and capitals) yes even in their rough copies. If they are thinking about proper grammar and getting it wrong then we are still learning but when I don't see any I wonder if we are thinking about punctuation at all.

After that we had Dance in the gym. our performance is looking really good. Hope you can make it.

Just after recess we read a couple of books, see below, to see if we could figure out how they are the same. Maybe your student in Grade three can tell you (the fours were in french)

The very end of the day saw us in the gym practicing for the concert tonight. Please remember to wear holiday colours. We are performing because we didn't get a chance to perform at Christmas time.

See you there.