Knodel's Keynote

What's up in our classroom

Week of November 9th

Reading and Writing

Reading--Our study of informational text, or nonfiction, resumes with a continued focus on text features. We'll be using our Interactive Notebooks (INBs) to study text structures authors use in writing informational text, such as compare and contrast, cause and effect, and order and sequence.

Writing--We are getting so close to having our personal narratives published! I may be sending home stories to be typed into a Google Doc at home since we just don't have enough computers in class. If your child has a device they can bring to use for this purpose, please consider letting them bring it. Soon our writing will be hanging in the halls for all to enjoy. Fiction is our next writing genre, with persuasive writing close behind.


Reading Log--Thank you so much for taking the time to sign your child's reading log. Hopefully you are having discussions about the reading and your child's responses. I would also recommend an opportunity for fluency practice. Once a week have your child read aloud to you and discuss the part that was read. Here is a link to the new Reading Log.

Spelling--List in planner. Homework due on Friday. Test on Friday.

Book Fair

Next week our library will be transformed into a wonderful book shop. Monday our classes will visit the book fair and students will have opportunities to shop beginning Tuesday. Remember to send enough money for taxes!

I won't send home a book order flyer this month as not to compete with this great school fundraiser. (My next book order will be in December.)

Spelling Bee

Our Cox Spelling Bee is next Friday! I am so excited for all of our fabulous representatives!

Here is a list of our class winners. (The first student listed is the Class Bee winner and the second student is the runner up.)

Representing Mrs. Knodel's class: Oscar Ruenes and Susan Hetherington

Representing Mrs.Horn's class: Kylie Sees and Tallulah Rupert

Representing Mrs. Acosta's class: Czar Nonot and Gwen Smith

I know these students have been working hard to prepare for next week and will make us all proud! Congratulations to each of them!