day of the dead


Day of the Dead History

It started in 1519 before the invasion of Mexico over the time people have been dying and growing. Over those 4000 years and people thought death was a continuance in life once a year the Aztecs would have a festival for celebrating there dead ancestors. But when the Spaniards invaded Mexico they made there own version which is day of the dead today .

Why do people celebrate the dead

People celebrate Day of dead to honor the people who have died. And also to cheer people up by celebrating instead of thinking of there loved ones and be sad for the rest of the day but when celebrating they could be with there loved ones once more and to wish them good luck with there new journey.
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food in day of the dead

in day of the dead they make tamales and ONE INGREDIENTS THEY USE ARE Cinnamon JELLY AND THEY WOULD SPICE IT UP WITH GREEN SPICY SAUCE.and they also make sweetened bread covered in sugar to represent in soil in the ground they also had snacks like pumpkin seed and amaranth seeds.they also have hot chocolate they have chicken with mole they have fruit ,they have candied pumpkin.
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Mexico's Day of the Dead
by dominiq young