History of Track and Field

The First Sport

The Beginning

Track and Field Originates from ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC in Olymipa. Modern Track and Field stated in 1896 in Athens, Grecce.
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Track and Field might but one of if not the oldest sports. It does not really have any influences but it is a mixture of many different events.

Rules and Regulations

Track and Field as a whole does not have many rules but it's many events do. For one thing you can't cheat and in 1910s you couldn't even participate in any other sport besides or in the Olympics you would lose your medals.


Track and Field originates from the first olympics in 776 BC. At first it seems not had 1 event, running, but eventually added 2 more foot races, discus, javelin, long jump, boxing, and wrestling. The first modern Olympics was in 1896 in Athens, Grecce. In the US track stared in 1860. The 1920's were big for women's track. In 1928 the Olymics for the first time let women participate in events.

Famous Athletes

Some famous track and field athletes are Wilma Rudoph, Caitlyn Jenner, Jesse Owens, Micheal Johnson, and Kip Keino.


The most common place to find a track league is in school. Most schools inculding elementary, middle, high school, and college have a track Program/ league. The professional league for track is the olymipics.


The biggest concerns with safety in track and field is with pole vaulting, shotput, and discus because these events can be dangerous. Usually if the athlete uses common sense they will be fine.


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