Talk About

12th March 2014

Another week has flown by......

Last week has seen the children enjoy World Book day with a difference.....All children were asked to come dressed as something from a poem, there were some lovely ideas.

All classes have been working hard on their poem writing this week with a lovely long poem being written by the children. This is displayed on the big door in reception - please come and have a look.

Last Friday saw various children learning how to purify dirty water and then drink it!! The younger ones continued to learn many facts about Australia.

Anna's Grasshopper class have also been looking at Practical Life, including how to make their own toast at snack using the new toaster. This week they will be looking at using the kettle!!

Dragonflies have made the most of the sun and have been outside using their freeflow space this week.

Great Lessons

Over the next few weeks, Grasshoppers and Fireflies will be getting involved in various activities to do with their Great Lesson Topic.

Some of these activities may involve trips outside of school - relevant information will be sent out for any trips your children may go on.

Please encourage your children to tell you about their Great lesson topics.

Art Show

Information about the Art Show has been sent out separately - However, Wendy would like some blue sheets if anyone has any spare!!!!!

MIA - Meadows In Action

Thank you to the parents who helped paint the Portakabin last Friday - It looks amazing.

To add the final touches, if anyone has any spare tester paint pots that they do not want, please could you bring these in as soon as possible.


A gentle reminder that all children need to be in full school uniform for Monday - Thursday. This should include a Logo cardigan or jumper. From the Easter Term when the weather has warmed up a bit, the girls can wear their navy & white checked summer dresses with a logo cardigan.

Meadows sweatshirts and T-shirts still remain a Friday choice only please.

Ukulele & Assembly & Term Dates

The last Ukulele lesson this term will be Monday 31st March. This has been changed from Thursday 3rd April as this is the last day of term.

There will be an open Assembly from 3pm on the last day of term for all to attend and there will be no after school.

Reminder - We are back to school on Wednesday 23rd April as the teachers have a PD day on Tuesday 22nd April.

Trading cards - Match attax / Skylanders etc

Please can you ensure that children are not bringing any trading cards into school such as Match attax / Skylanders etc. This includes single cards as well as folders full !