Charles Dickens

By Jesus Betancourt


Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth , Hampshire , England on 7 Feburuary 1812 his parents where John and Elizabeth Dickens.His father , John Dickens , was a naval clerk who dreamed of striking it rich despite his attempts his family was still poor and John was imprisined for debt . Charles began his career as a journalist nearly becoming a professional actor in 1833. He married Cartherine Hogarth in April 6 1836. But got divorced in 1858 after the birth of their tenth child he died of a stroke in 1870 and was buried at Westminster Abbley . "His writing was remarkably various and except for his plays resourceful" despite having only four years of education . "He loved home and family life and was a proud and efficient householder."

Connection to present day

Has given inspiration and quotes that inspired comedy and comedians.

Helped change laws that discriminated against the poor.

Has also changed (created) a different style for cinema.


Created the idea of "poverty" or poor and is important because he and many others where and are still are poor and he help those type of people.

Five fun facts

Wrote the "Christmas Carol."

Created 989 named characters.

Had a pet Raven named Grip and stuffed it when it died.

Always re-arranged his hotel furniture and had to sleep with his head pointing north.

Had a secret door which was designed like a bookcase filled with fake books.


The writings of Charles where influenced by his own social and political conditions. After his tumultuous childhood of being poor and not going to school for long plus his dad being arrested for debt.

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