Asian Project

World Geography


To complete a presentation (use or that outlines basic information for an assigned Asian country. Students will be given time in class to complete this project.
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1. In your presentation, you need to include information on the following topics:

  • -Country population

  • -Main religions

  • -Main languages

  • -Education systems (K-12) and Education opportunities (Post-K-12)

  • -Economy/Main industries

  • -Sports and entertainment

  • -Geography (physical features, famous landmarks, tourist opportunities)

  • -The life of an everyday resident in your country

  • -Climate

  • -Government system

More Requirements

2. You must also include the following visual images for your country:

-Political map

-Physical map

-Country flag

-7 additional images that portray information about your country

How will you be graded?

Students will be graded on their presentation, additional documents, and presentation skills.