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January 27, 2019

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Feedback from the Field: We Need Your Support at Drop-Off & Dismissal!

Parking in Red Zones - Curbs which are painted red should not be used as parking or waiting spots. When vehicles are in these areas, they turn what should be a safe corner/crosswalk into a source of danger for our students and their families.

I realize it may be frustrating when trying to find a parking/waiting spot and none are available; no one likes to wait or drive around numerous times looking for a spot. However, using an option that puts the safety of others at risk should certainly not be an option at all. Some families report that there are usually spots on Vernon Street (the street closest to the 405 freeway). Perhaps give that a try.

On the same note, double parking has also been reported as a safety concern. Double parking is defined parking a vehicle alongside one that is already parked at the side of the road. Not only can it cause a safety risk, but it also stops the flow of traffic causing more wait time and frustration.


Prisk welcomes VIPS to join us during lunchtime hours for any/all of the following:

  • Lead a Structured Game/Activity
  • Supervise a Specific Area (Basketball Courts, Tetherball Courts, Jungle Gym, etc)
  • Roam the Playground to Assist Where Needed
  • Other...

Our students could always use extra support to provide words of encouragement, reminders of safety rules, ambassadors of positive social-emotional interaction, etc. If you are a VIPS and would like to help from the hours of 11:45-1:10 (or any portion thereof) on any or all days of the week, please e-mail me at

If you are not a VIPS, but would like to become one, please visit our main office and ask for a VIPS application (or download it from the website).

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration!


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During the first 20-minutes, updates and information were given to families on the following topics:

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For the remainder of the time, families had time to talk to each other, ask questions, and contribute their comments!

Stay tuned for responses and answers... or join us at the next Rocket Talk on February 13th!


Join Us at the Next "Rocket Talk"!

Date: Wednesday, February 13th

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Prisk Library

Click this link to submit your question, comment, suggestion, etc. ahead of time... or to possibly be included in an upcoming Weekly Newsletter.


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ST Math (Jiji) Goals Met!

Mrs. Uy's 4th-grade class were challenged with completing 50% of the ST Math syllabus. They succeeded and were rewarded with a pajama day, but best of all, Mrs. Uy wore a Jiji costume all day to celebrate her class's success!
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Rocket Run Glow in the Dark Dance Party was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Special thanks to Shannon Cabrera, Foundation Team Captain and all of our VIPS who helped make this Rocket Run reward a great one for our students!
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Fashion Camp: Create, Design, Sew

Spark Kindness Community Service Fair

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Space Carnival


Prisk Spirit-Wear

"WeBreak Hip Hop" Breakdancing Classes

Kinder Festivals

MyArt: Alice in Wonderland Musical Theatre Program


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