The impact of Vietnam. BY: Jordan Drake

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Changes to Vietnam landscape and lifestyle, due to the Vietnam War.

During the Vietnam War, many things happened that would change the landscape and lifestyle for the Vietnamese. For example, during the war the U.S. dropped over 8 million tons of bombs into Vietnam. Also U.S. troops used millions of herbicides to destroy the forests or crops that the enemy could hide in. And because of all the chemicals used to destroy the forests and crops, many Vietnamese children are still born with various illnesses and dieses today.

effects of the Vietnam War on the soldiers.

Vietnam was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought. More than 2 Million people died and 3 million where wounded. But the ones who survived also had many troubles. The soldiers that did return home, arrived very unwelcomed as angry crowds of Americans berated them for fighting in the war. Many survivors also suffered from mental illnesses such as PTSD or shellshock.