Value of Photosynthesis

By: Jaylan Jones

Importance Of Photosynthesis

Phototsynthesis has many importances. It feeds off a lot of greateness. It can help humans, plant, and animals survive. It helps plants survive, by helping produce its own food. Its not like we can walk up and feed a plant ourselves. Phototsynthesis is great for animals that are Herbivores and Omnivores. It's for basic needs. It produces food and oxygen for humans. As humans we need the oxygen and food to survive. It is at the base of the food chain without it we will not be able to survive.

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Energy Transformations During Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis has energy tansformations during the proccess. The plant needs radiant energy which is transfered to the sun to the plant. Then produced into chemical energy or glucose.


Photosynthesis is found in many more things, than a plant. It's also found in bacteria, algae, protists, and many more. Photosynthesis gives humans the ability to breath and food. Photosynthesis is the most important life process in plants. It helps the plants generate carbohydrates and oxygen by using carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. Light, water, chlororphyll, and carbon dioxide are the most important to include in photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide breath in and out of most organsims travels through the leaf to the stomata. The stomata is the pores in the leaves and stem on plants. Which transfer gases and water vapor. Next, water enters the leaf, usely goes to the roots. Sunlight(light energy) transfers to the surface of the leaves. Then, the chlorophyll in the leaves lock the energy in it. Chlorophyll is a green pigment in the plant leaf, which allows the plant to obsorb sunlight. Afterwords, hyddrogen and oxygen are produced. Hydrogen is put together with the carbon dioxide in order to make food for the plant. While oxygen is let out by the plant through its stomata. Through the process of photosynthesis this is how the plant survives. Glucose is made through the process when oxygen is being let out. Glucose is sugar. The main products of photosynthesis is glucose and oxygen.


A reactant is a substance that reacts with another in a chemical reaction. In this case, the reactants in photosynthesis are carbon dioxide, water, and light energy. This is the process in which it starts photosynthesis.


The product is what is made in a reaction. Int eh case of photosynthesis, glucose and oxygen are the products. Glucose and oxygen is what was made through the finishing process of photosynthesis.

Formula For Photosynthesis

6CO2 + 6H20 + LIGHT = C6H12O6 + 6O2


We need to be able to keep plants and greenery alive. Like I stated plants are the base of the food chain. It would be best to not pollut so that our greenery would be able to survive and go through the process of phototsynthesis. Tree's and plants definatley give us oxygen and thats the main thing anyone needs on planet Earth. As in space we wouldn't be able to survie without the space suits. Please keep Earth clean and green!


Give the chance to plant a tree. Make sure it gets the nutrients it need. Raise it as if it were your own child. Please be very attached to this.