School PBL Project

By Dalton Barron


A problem at schools that is on a national level is bullying. There are many types of bullying but a major one nowadays is cyber bullying, since many kids are online nowadays with social media and since schools are attempting to use technology more, many kids are being bullied online by other kids. Since its online these kids could be being bullied by other kids from just about anywhere, which is why its so hard to stop because its hard to track the kids down if they're don't go to the same school.

Closing Statement

One conflict on leadership is fights, fights happen all the time and can be difficult to stop and kids can be hurt awfully bad which is why school administrators want to minimize and stop the amount of fights at school. a problem on the National level is bullying, whether its face to face or cyber bullying, it can hurt kids self esteem and make them resort to things such as drugs and self harm. on an individual level many kids who have go to school have many conflicts and can occasionally be peer pressured to do things they'll later regret and can do things that can harm and possibly even kill them.