Destinations Career Academy

October Newsletter 2016

October Count--State Funding

As you may be aware, we have just begun our "October Count" period in Colorado's public schools. During the time period from September 28 - October 11, Colorado schools are funded off of student attendance in this time period. In order to have a successful school, it is critical that we receive funding for each of our students.

Please be in attendance to all of your classes daily during this period and be sure to submit required work each day (and every day this year!). Your attendance is shown from your minutes in courses, class connects, and your submission of assignments.

October 5th (next week Wednesday) is our most critical day - known as Colorado's Count Day. On the 5th - course attendance is reported directly to the State for record of your attendance in school and for funding count. Please be sure to log in to each and every course on 5th and complete all assignments due that day - and you will be "counted"!

Thank you for ensuring you are in each course every day, submitting required work and engaging in course material. By doing this, you will have the most successful school year - daily attendance, learning, engaging with teachers, and completion of work is critical! Please reach out to your homeroom teacher or counselor with any questions you have or help you may need.


Mrs. Teri Cady, Head of School

October Events

Want to get involved with some events with other CODCA students and staff? We would love to see you there! Keep checking your email for details or contact the teacher/staff member who is hosting the event.

Oct. 6 College Night (during the day) @ Northglenn HS with Ms. Alyssa Baker
Oct. 7 College Night (during the day) @ Westminster HS with Ms. Alyssa Baker
Oct. 7 Cliff Dwellings history hike @ Manitou Springs with Ms. Catherine Guerra
Oct. 13 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (MS only) with Mrs. Rachel Murphy
Oct. 13 Denver Museum of Art; Discussion on Technique with Mrs. Tyrell Coover
Oct. 15 Teen Book Con! @ Littleton HS with Mrs. Rachel Murphy
Oct. 22 Peace Jam rocky Mountain Slam @Regis University with Ms. Shannon Smith
Oct. 24 Museum of Nature and Science with Mrs. Jenny Jones

Clubs at Destinations Career Academy

Now that the school year is under way and weekly schedules have been established, it’s time to check-in to extracurricular activities. Check out our eclectic club list and sign-up to be included in meeting announcements, trip invitations and other exciting face to face opportunities!! Sign-up today!

Career Technical Education (CTE) Update

College Fair visits happening in October and November. Details have been sent out directly to all families and students--check your email!

Professionalism workshop was a success and now looking forward to resume writing and interviewing workshops that are taking place in late October and November. Watch your email for more information!