Hot Springs National Park

By: Maya Snyder

Once upon a time there was a small group of explorers. Their names were Tom Hot, Tim, Springs, Tot National, and Ten Park. One day they were hiking along the mountain tops and once they reached the bottom of one of the mountains they found a large deep whole. The gentlemen threw down a rope ladder and turns out there was a whole tunnel at the bottom of the hole. So they explored for 7 hours when boiling hot water came rushing out of the hole. The boy were not fast enough so the water pushed sprung them up and out of the hole. The men decided that they would keep walking and there was actually a field of holes. The explorers named the area their last names: Hot Springs National Park.

You should really come to The Hot Springs National Park. It is a commodious park is amazingly beautiful . Hot Springs National Park is located in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. To hike or climb one of these mountains would be a herculean task because they are almost 3,000 feet tall. So you should really visit this park.

Photo: Here is one of the hot springs

The water at the Hot Springs National Park is extremely hot. The temperature of the hot springs can get to 143°f or 62°c. The way that the water gets hot is because water that falls as rain in the recharge or watershed area sinks about a mile deep through faults a fractures. As it goes deep into the Earth, it becomes heated by the natural heat gradient of the Earth and compression. The hot water then rises quickly through a fault at the base of the Hot Springs Mountain. Again the water is really hot.

Big image

In this picture you will see the biggest hot spring that the park has.

The hot springs at Hot Springs National Park have been active for a long time. You may be wondering if to this day they are still active and the answer is yes, in fact approximately 700,000 gallons of water emerge each day. In total there are only 47 hot springs. Near the entrance of the Hot Springs National Park they have made sure that there are no hot springs because where there are hot springs they are fenced in so that the visitors do not get burnt. The hots springs are still active.