Social Networking

Think Social Safety

What networks are out there?

There are dozens of social networking sites out there.  The most popular are perhaps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MySpace, and Pinterest.  Many people use social networking sites to communicate with friends or to check up on sports or even the news.  For example, on Facebook, people may want to catch up with an old friend from high school.  On Twitter, for example, people may want to check up on some news and sports, or to communicate with friends.  Facebook and Twitter can also be used for business and advertising. On Facebook, advertising is popular.  On Twitter, advertising is rare unless done by Twitter or an account made by a business.

What's the bad part?

Unfortunately, there is a bad part of social networking.  One thing that happens alot to people on social networking is a "hack".  Many people have their account hacked by others, just by simply getting a hold of their location.  Possibly the social networking sites with the most hacks are Twitter and Instagram.  Facebook also has many hacked accounts, but not quite as many as Twitter and Instagram.  On Twitter, President Barack Obama's account was hacked, along with the account of Britney Spears.  The hackers target the accounts of famous people and celebrities to make them look bad, and weak. Instagram, however, gets hacked quite often as well.  If you are hacked on Instagram, you are what the Instagram world considers as "spammed".  Different from Twitter, you may report  an account on Instagram for "spamming" an account.  Instagram hasn't yet become as popular as Twitter, but gets hacked very often.  When hacked on either site, the hackers may gain information on you.  Examples would be your personal information such as you name, age, gender, address, and even your pictures that you shared to that site.  The hackers may also grab information from your computer or phone, and hack those as well. All in all, hackers are not good people!

The Big 3 of Social Networking

The Users

The Battle: Facebook Vs. Twitter

Facebook Users: 1.11 billion Vs. Twitter Users: 505 million

Be Safe Out There!

Remember! Think before you do something, especially on the internet!!!! Good Luck!!!