Henry Ford

Addison Resinger


Henry Ford was born on July 30th, 1863. He was born in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Nothing really special happened to him as a child, but he was the first born of 5 children. Henry Ford had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. For 3 years, he worked as a mechanic, after, he moved back to Greenfield Township, Michigan. In 1918, US president Woodrow Wilson convinced me to run for Senate. When he ran for Senate, he did not spend any money campaigning to get people to vote for him, yet he still only lost by 4500 votes.

Henry Ford was the creator and founder of the Ford company. He also designed his own car called the Model T. The Model T only had 4 horsepower. It also only cost 850 dollars. Henry Ford became the Chief Engineer of Edison Illuminating company in 1893. Henry Ford was inspired by his mother to tinker with things. Thomas Edison was Henry Ford’s role model, and they became friends. Henry Ford failed with 2 car company’s before he finally succeeded with Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford developed the Ford Quadricycle in 1893 also. Henry Fords first company became competition. Henry Ford had a goal of peace. He had a notion for world peace. He inspired an end to World War I. Henry Ford died on April 7th, 1947.

Henry Ford's impact

Henry Ford's impact on the world was that he designed the first car, The Model T.

Henry Ford had a goal of peace, He inspired an end to WWI