Classroom Mobile Apps

Useful apps for in the classroom

App #1:


In the classroom the twitter app can be used in order to keep on top of certain trends. For example, a Social studies teacher could use it to keep up with current events while a math teacher could use it too keep up to date on new lesson plans.

A teacher could also make their own Twitter account for their classes in order to keep students up to date on class activities and assignments.

App #2:


The Tophat app can be used to get real time information from your students and incorporate it into your lecture. Any teacher could utilize this in their classroom after a lesson in order to see which students were able to come up with correct answers, or to gauge student opinions on parts of the lesson.

Math or Science teachers could use it for group work, to see if students can answer a lecture question using a new formula. While Social or English teachers could use it as a way to get the opinions of students on literature or social issues.

App #3:

Lizard Point

Lizard point is quiz app that can be utilized for quizzes on geography. Students can click on a world area and instantly quiz themselves on country or city locations around the globe.

This would be a great study tool to let your students know about, especially in Social Studies classes where knowledge of the location of nations can be essential to understanding the issues at hand.

App #4:


YouTube can be very helpful in the class as almost any video can be used under education copyright laws as an educational tool. Showing videos to your class on interesting topics can be a very effective way to teach a lesson. Also, as a teacher, you could start your own YouTube channel and have playlists of videos that your students can have access to. These do not have to be videos that you yourself made, but it can be a central location for your students to go to in order to have access to videos that you may have shown in class.

App #5: Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth can be used in order to show students locations in real time. With the street view features and the ability to look at the political makeup of the world in different eras it is a very useful tool for all classrooms. You can instantly show students locations that come up in lessons, and Google earth is available on mobile making it usable from home for assignments.