Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

A Heartfelt Message of Appreciation...a few weeks late

Teacher Appreciation Week has now come and gone, but I am just sitting down to wrap up this school year, my first at Hickory Hills, and what first came to mind is how much I appreciate each and every teacher in this building. I'm not always good at writing thank you cards or Happy Grams or just flat out saying it when something comes up, but there are small and big things that each of you do for kids every day that I could point out and thank you for. I hope you know that I appreciate you and the work that you do for our students every day.

A Principal's Day Thank You

Principal's Day, another time that has come and gone, and as I begin to pull all of my cards, gift cards, fun things kids made, yummy treats, and other goodies out of my bag I realize if I sat down to write a personal thank you card to each of you, I may spend my entire weekend doing just that. You all sure do know how to spoil us. I appreciate your thoughts, kind words and gifts and want to say thank you for making that day, really that whole week, a great one. Some kindergarteners wrote about what it is they think I do all day. To share a few of my favorites: I sit in my office and watch the cameras all day, I keep kids from being mean, and tell kids what to do in the cafeteria. Love it!