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July/August 2019

The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

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Special Events and Birthdays!!

Welcome Max!!

Goodbye Ryan, Dominica, Angus, Eli, and Veronica!!! You will be so missed! Have a blast in Kindergarten <3

We also say goodbye to Maia and wish her the best of luck in her new city!


July 4th: Josie

Current Events:

July 4th- Closed

July 19th- Supply Fees due

Future Events:

August 31st- Physicals and Immunizations due

Upcoming Zoo-phonics Friends

We will resume ZooPhonics in August. This summer we will be working on different themes every week.

New to our school? Check out links at the end of the newsletter to learn the sounds and Zoophonics song.

Vacations and PTO

Did you know we have a PTO? Interested in helping out? Please see Ms. LeAndra or Ms. Alisha.

Who do you contact concerning vacation credit? Asking a teacher will get you no where. Please email Mr. Mike at

Family Fun Day/ Graduation

Hey guys thank you for coming!! We had an awesome family fun day! It was so nice to celebrate our graduates; we had a great turn out! We are sad to see our graduates go but we are so proud of them and excited to see them succeed in all they do!

In the Classroom

As we say goodbye to our graduates we will welcome our new 3 year old friends and Ms. Mikayla into the Sherlocks!!!!

It's Summertime!!

Hey guys! It's officially warmer weather time! Please make sure your child has sunscreen if your not wanting to use our universal. Your child also needs a water bottle with no straw and that has the mouthpiece covered. Please make sure they have a swimsuit and water shoes in their cubby as well as extra clothes. Thanks! :)

Scholastic is done for the summer. We will resume in August. Thanks for all your orders :)

Healthy Start Wisdom From Ms. Alisha

The Book Nook

The Berenstain Bears Go on Vacation

An oldie but a goodie!! Now that the whether is getting nicer, lets swing into summer full blast! So many summer related books allow our minds to explore new ideas, new adventures, and even learn about new places. The Barenstain Bears Go On Vacation is a tail about the family going in a trip to the beach. The book talks about family activities to do while at the beach as well as highlighting the meaning of family time.

The Parent's Spotlight

Thank you!!!

  • Thank you to all the parents for donations for family fun day!

  • Remember there is a suggestion box in the lobby, and we love to hear about ideas to enhance the learning environment for your children.

  • Bringing in donations of items anytime we guys rock!!

Would you like to donate?

We could use:

  • Clear plastic jars with lids ie mayonnaise
  • Is there ever a time when you say to yourself, " I wonder if The Tot Spot would want this"? We could use it in so many ways. You may have babies, but the whole school is yours. Everything can turn into a sensory activity or learning experience. So, before you throw out your junk, ask your teacher if it could be used

The Teacher's Spotlight

What is the meaning of your name?

  • Ms. Alisha: Alisha means 'Protected by God" in the terms of the Sanskrit language
  • Mr. Mike: Derived from the Hebrew Mikhael; "Who is like God?"
  • Ms. Maggie: The meaning of my name is pearl
  • Ms. Le Andra: The Greek meaning is Feminine of Leander. Lionesss.
  • Ms. Katie: Pure
  • Ms. Crystal: Crystal-Brilliantly Clear // Nicole-Victory of the people
  • Ms. Rachel: Rachel means "ewe" which is a female sheep, and Eimer means bucket. So...Sheep bucket...

  • Ms. Erin: Its Irish and it means peace.
  • Ms. Kelsey: The Irish meaning of Kelsey is Brave

  • Ms. Kit: It's just a three letter nickname for Catherine. I had friends who had three letter nicknames and I wanted one but already knew a Cat and there was a character named Kit in a book I was reading at the time.

The Tot Spotter's Spotlight!!