"HR Footprints" offers an unmatched learning solutions

Want to enhance your Learning Interventions..??

"HR Footprints" offers an unmatched learning solutions


Want to shape up your work force...?

We have a track record of distinct Learning Intervention. Resulting in

"Active Participation".

Array of offerings under learning & development:

1. Team Building (building program around MBTI tool)

2. Business Communication

3. Presentation Skills

4. Managerial Skills (DISC profiling as a part of this program)

5. Interpersonal Skills

6. Essential Leadership Skills

7. Managing Difficult Conversations

8. Networking and Conversational Skills

If you want to compete, then you must learn faster than competition.

Every one has there own way of Learning. What's Your Learning Style..?

Our special learning programs

First Time Manager Program (FTM)

Certified Management Program (CMP)

Leadership Excellence And Practice (LEAP)

Basket of "9" more Services

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Regd. Office: 1114-1117, Shobha Pavani Complex, Vidya Nagar, Hyderabad-500044. India.